Question: ‘Read more’ links

An interesting question has arisen on my current content project – how should ‘read more’ links be designed to be accessible as well as user friendly?

Advice from accessibility says that links need to make sense in isolation, ie no repeated ‘read more’ links are to be used. Instead, we should be making links descriptive. However, how do I get around the problem of ridiculously long links, eg ‘read more about topic A’? The flow of the writing has also been impacted by having to put in a reference in the link text to the actual page we are navigating to.

I’m exploring a way of enclosing the extra text in a <span> tag, and placing it off the screen, as described by Russ Weakley.

An interesting thought about hidden text is, how do we as interaction designers represent this in wireframes? Previously, I’ve left hidden text out, which required an annotation to the devs that showed the hidden text. Our devs being in a hurry, meant that the extra text invariably got left out completely. Now I’m trying it with hidden text included in the wireframes, at the expense of it looking pretty, and there’s *still* a risk that devs won’t code it as hidden.

Anybody else have any bright ideas out there?


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