Tom Hulme – Urban Design – UX London 2013

Urban design can teach digital a lot. No matter how we design cities, people will take their own paths. Eg Highbury fields with ‘desire paths’ through the grass made by Arsenal fans on the way to a home game. Or Brasilia – designed without pavements – because the designer thought people would no longer walk … Continue reading

Don’t Just Create Specifications – Deliver Experiences

To UX designers, order, symmetry, and perfection equals beauty. Our carefully colour coded journey maps, pixel perfect high fidelity prototypes and beautifully annotated wireframes convey a wealth of detailed information and help our clients and project teams to visualise and understand experiences, and we like them to be comprehensive, accurate and detailed. As a result, … Continue reading

Innovation and User Centred Design

Consumer demand is increasing for smooth, frictionless experiences in every channel and context. In response to this, more and more organisations are employing a user centred design approach to define and drive usable digital user experiences. To remain competitive however, we have to acknowledge that mere usability is no longer a differentiator – it is … Continue reading

Question: ‘Read more’ links

An interesting question has arisen on my current content project – how should ‘read more’ links be designed to be accessible as well as user friendly? Advice from accessibility says that links need to make sense in isolation, ie no repeated ‘read more’ links are to be used. Instead, we should be making links descriptive. … Continue reading